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    Design is ever becoming an integral part of our everyday lives. Individuals and businesses not only need to be available at all times, but they also need to be present in more capacities than ever. The lines between the physical and the virtual have blurred to where we are not just experts in our fields, but memorable personalities. The impression you give needs to reflect from all angles. Let Abate Designs help you achieve just that.
  • Website Development

    Small businesses, online stores, portfolios or any content you need to be able to promote is right around the corner. We help you keep your website updated and keep you involved by providing easy to manage software and helpful documentation.
  • Product Design

    Starting right from the ground up, we do projects from sketch and go all the way through to manufacture. This includes concept development, engineering drawings and 3D modeling, which give you the opportunity to bring your 2D ideas into the 3D world. 
  • Branding & Identity

    Be memorable. Your brand is what makes your company memorable, and alongside providing the best service, your identity should reflect the same. We can help you prepare your brochures, posters, logos, business cards, and much more. We'll help you be unforgettable.
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  • Yegna is first and foremost a fun, youthful and entertaining show but deals with important issues facing girls such as access to education, early marriage
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  • TEDxKabul hosted a screening of TEDxChange. TEDxChange is an event created out of a partnership between the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the TEDx program.
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  • Golden Baobab's mission is to fuel the global imagination through African children’s literature by inspiring the creation, ensuring the production and facilitating the distribution of
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